Herbertville: A winter’s paradise

Tucked away at the far end of the Tararua District lies Herbertville with its long sandy beach, dunes and hills. It is as stunning in the winter, as it is in the summer. The landscape along the beach and hills is always changing, bad weather and rough seas, have a hand in that. You can walk for miles and not see another soul, except for the seals and the birds.

Photographers who inspire me

IMG_8633bwWhen I first started out, the one photographer who inspired me the most, was and still is,  National Geographic photographer, Jason Edwards. Apart from the great work he does, I always remember the advice he gave, on one of his shows.  As much as possible, get it right in the camera, don’t over process your images and don’t spend too much time processing them. (not exactly word for word, its been a while). To read more about the photographers who inspire me. Click, Photographers who inspire me